NO-PANTS LIFE, FAMILY STYLE. Why family-oriented employees are attracted to flexible work policies.

In many ways, the no-pants life is synonymous with the many struggles that stay-at-home parents go through when they decide to reclaim their careers.

I spoke with two attorneys today – both in-house at major corporations – who told me they were prioritizing flexible telecommute/remote work policies over compensation in their job search.  Instead of making more money, they would rather have more time, or, at least, more control over their time, and cited family concerns as a reason for this priority shift.

In 2010, a study published by the Center for Talent Innovation found that, in 2009, 31% of professional women voluntarily left their jobs for an average of 2.7 years. Nearly 75% of these women attributed the change to childcare issues (no doubt, the Great Recession also had an impact).

Nearly 90% of these women expressed a desire to return to work.

Yet, while while 73% succeeded in returning to professional life in some capacity, only 40% found professional, full-time work.

These attorneys – one female, one male – were both in somewhat senior roles at their respective companies.  Both told me that they had an eye on General Counsel-track roles, i.e. roles that would position them to take a Head of Legal position in the future.

Both also told me that they prioritized location independence and flexible location policies.  They were parents, and it meant more to them to have that extra flexibility baked into their employer’s corporate culture than to be paid twice as much to commute into, say, New York City.  One attorney lived in central New Jersey, two hours from both Manhattan and Philadelphia.  The other lived in Silicon Valley, where hour-and-a-half commutes are not uncommon.

This is anecdotal, so I’ll keep it brief – but it’s an example of senior-level employees with C-suite ambitions who prioritize a location-independent work setup.


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