My name’s Alexis, and I’m a recovering lawyer.

I started my career like so many other corporate lawyers – on the mean streets of New York. Broadway was my Main Street, and Central Park my town green. After a few years, I traded Midtown for the Mid-Levels and moved to Hong Kong.

Then, the recession dropped me on my ass. The gravy train had run out. In the span of a few months, I had gone from being a 1-percenter at 27 to being unemployed.

Deep in the darkness, I decided to create a life that was more uniquely me. And that person wasn’t putting on a Tahari suit and strutting into a corporate palace each morning.

That’s why I started this blog.

To show everyone that you can make a nice living – and, more importantly, architect a great life – all while working in just your underpants.

Since I left the hardcore corporate world, I have:

  • Ran a 3-hour marathon and multiple sub 1:25 half marathons, all without a competitive collegiate running background
  • Visited over 30 countries
  • Lived over half a decade in Hong Kong as an expat
  • Done business in cities as diverse as New York, Tokyo, London, and Ulaanbaatar
  • Returned to my parents’ home to spend time with them in their old age – and have gained some precious life lessons from the two people who created me
  • Become a published writer of both fiction and non-fiction
  • Am very close to completing a Shitty First Draft of a novelized account of my life as a finance professional/high-stakes corporate lawyer in Hong Kong in the months before the Great Recession – more on this to come!

Who are you, and what have you managed to accomplish after hanging up the business suits?

Prague 2016. Have Chase Sapphire Reserve, will travel!